Happy Independence Day 2017 Finland!

With the unique Slush 2016 tech event of last week now behind us here in Helsinki, Finland sets out to celebrate a hundred years of independence in 2017. … Independence day celebration being about history and looking back on our accomplishments, 100 is a very nice round figure for not only reflection on the past … Continue reading Happy Independence Day 2017 Finland!


Me and Mr. Jorma Ollila

So I got to feature in the same Wired Magazine article as Nokia's former CEO Mr. Jorma Ollila once. ... I was 16 at the time. You can read the full article online here: http://archive.wired.com/wired/archive/7.09/nokia_pr.html ... This article offers a brief glimpse into the world of the Finnish company Nokia during its emergence and heyday. … Continue reading Me and Mr. Jorma Ollila