On the Concept and Commodity of Time and Meditation

With the year 2020 coming up next – I think that with the passing of yet another decade – we are right now on the verge of something exciting and fresh! According to many trend reports, we will soon witness significant changes in our consumerist culture and as for working life. Now is the time to start planning for future crops based on the harvest of last year.


How to Pick the Best UX/UI Design Agency and Design Team for Your Digital Projects

Today, in the middle of the hottest heatwave of the summer holiday season, I decided to finally put together this blog post on how to spot and choose the best digital agency or design team for hire. Outsourcing design is a growing trend – but how to choose the best people to execute a demanding UX/UI design project or other ambitious digital service design project with your own internal team?

Happy Independence Day 2017 Finland!

With the unique Slush 2016 tech event of last week now behind us here in Helsinki, Finland sets out to celebrate a hundred years of independence in 2017. … Independence day celebration being about history and looking back on our accomplishments, 100 is a very nice round figure for not only reflection on the past … Continue reading Happy Independence Day 2017 Finland!

On the Digital Transformation in the Museum Industry

We are, all of us, living increasingly digital lives. Many art institutions are now examining digital culture and its impact and making use of various digital media, digital platforms and digital technologies to connect to new audiences and to engage in a dialogue with existing ones. According to the "JWT The Future 100" trend report, this is one … Continue reading On the Digital Transformation in the Museum Industry

Me and Mr. Jorma Ollila

So I got to feature in the same Wired Magazine article as Nokia's former CEO Mr. Jorma Ollila once. ... I was 16 at the time. You can read the full article online here: http://archive.wired.com/wired/archive/7.09/nokia_pr.html ... This article offers a brief glimpse into the world of the Finnish company Nokia during its emergence and heyday. … Continue reading Me and Mr. Jorma Ollila