About Purchasing Artworks Online

One of my favourite hobbies is collecting prints. This hobby has so far revolved around the excellent online service of Saatchi Art, http://saatchiart.com. In case you are not familiar with this online gallery and art store, I suggest having a look! I currently own four limited-edition prints of artists featured at Saatchi Art. … Having … Continue reading About Purchasing Artworks Online


XXI Mänttä Art Festival

So I visited Mänttä this weekend – and the trip was awesome! This year's festival is a must-see for any fan of contemporary art. … The Mänttä Art Festival was first arranged in 1993. A biennial event during the early years, the festival has been arranged annually since 1999, and his year’s festival, “Kommandona”, or … Continue reading XXI Mänttä Art Festival

On Visiting Finland and the Contemporary Finnish Art Scene

As Finland is a remote destination at the outskirts of Europe, we currently only receive approximately 0,4% of all of the travellers worldwide. And most of these travellers only stay for a very short stopover. However, Visit Finland currently attracts over half a million visitors to its website every month. This goes to show that … Continue reading On Visiting Finland and the Contemporary Finnish Art Scene