About Facilitating Competencies

Today, I took part in a workshop on facilitation organized by the Finnish Association of Facilitators (FAFA Ry) at the HUB13 Business Hub in Helsinki. I am a member of the association, as of last year, when I first met Piritta Kantojärvi, the CEO of Grape People and the author of several excellent books on … Continue reading About Facilitating Competencies


On Generating and Maintaining an Innovative Organizational Culture

How do successful organizations cultivate creativity? And what is it that makes generating and maintaining an outstanding organizational culture so challenging? The organization’s capacity to innovate, as well as its creativity and connectivity are increasingly highlighted as essential for success. The concepts of “innovation environment” or “innovation ecosystem” are referred to very often in this … Continue reading On Generating and Maintaining an Innovative Organizational Culture

About Urban Planning and Ikigai

Today, I attended an intriguing lecture by the architect Hella Hernberg, the author of the book “Helsinki Beyond Dreams – Actions Towards a Creative and Sustainable Hometown”. This book came out in 2012, as Helsinki was a World Design Capital. Hernberg is one of the key professionals behind initiatives that transformed the former cargo port of … Continue reading About Urban Planning and Ikigai

About Co-Design Disciplines and Workshops

How to make sense of the numerous co-design disciplines and choose the correct methods of design? And how to apply this methodology in a workshop environment? An excellent Aalto University research group called INUSE has recently created a “Co-Design Journey Planner”, which I found to be very inspiring as well as useful. This framework is … Continue reading About Co-Design Disciplines and Workshops

A Contrapuntal Framework

So it was winter solstice yesterday, and next year is getting close. Last year, around this time of the year, I was involved in working on my first Finnish National Gallery project that was to be online by my winter holiday in Mexico. This year, I have been working in the Finnish National Gallery in … Continue reading A Contrapuntal Framework

The Convivial Approach to Co-Design

I recently purchased a copy of the "Convivial Toolbox" by Elizabeth Sanders and Pieter Jan Stappers. This book is about "generative design research", in short, about how to bring the people into the design process. … According to the authors of this book, there is a growing realization that we cannot continue living the way we … Continue reading The Convivial Approach to Co-Design