About Purchasing Artworks Online

One of my favourite hobbies is collecting prints. This hobby has so far revolved around the excellent online service of Saatchi Art, http://saatchiart.com. In case you are not familiar with this online gallery and art store, I suggest having a look! I currently own four limited-edition prints of artists featured at Saatchi Art. … Having … Continue reading About Purchasing Artworks Online


On Visiting Finland and the Contemporary Finnish Art Scene

As Finland is a remote destination at the outskirts of Europe, we currently only receive approximately 0,4% of all of the travellers worldwide. And most of these travellers only stay for a very short stopover. However, Visit Finland currently attracts over half a million visitors to its website every month. This goes to show that … Continue reading On Visiting Finland and the Contemporary Finnish Art Scene

Reconsidering the Priorities of Museum Practice

The question I ask myself every now and then, is – as Michael Edson put it, visiting Helsinki last autumn – if there exists “a bias” in the museum industry of “getting a person in front of the artwork” in a museum setting? And if this is true, should we reconsider and revise the priorities … Continue reading Reconsidering the Priorities of Museum Practice

On the Transformative Potential of Art Online

So I took part in a seminar exploring the potential of digital art collections organized by the Finnish National Gallery yesterday. Many of the talks given in the event seemed to echo the industry expert Jasper Visser’s words: “the future of museums is about attitude, not technology”. I could not agree more. I think the … Continue reading On the Transformative Potential of Art Online

New Year, New Challenges

I am currently looking for new work-related opportunities. In the meanwhile, I still continue working on the research publication of the Finnish National Gallery, http://research.fng.fi, this year. ... As the future holds some new challenges, so does the present. I still have got my master’s thesis to finish, and that might take some time. I … Continue reading New Year, New Challenges

On the Finnish Art Consumer

The Finnish National Gallery recently conducted a research on its audience online. Around 500 Finnish people of ages 18-69 years were interviewed for this study. … This research finds that, in general, “art” is of at least “some interest” to around half of the population in Finland (49% of the respondents), and a remarkable amount … Continue reading On the Finnish Art Consumer

Crowdfunding for Success

The fabulous new HAM, Helsinki Art Museum, is hosting an opening party today. The HAM, now directed by Maija Tanninen-Mattila, re-opens with Chinese contemporary art superstar Ai Weiwei's exhibition. Getting ready for the opening party, I decided to write in this blog about a recent Kickstarter project by London's Royal Academy. ... The project was … Continue reading Crowdfunding for Success