On Visiting Finland and the Contemporary Finnish Art Scene

As Finland is a remote destination at the outskirts of Europe, we currently only receive approximately 0,4% of all of the travellers worldwide. And most of these travellers only stay for a very short stopover. However, Visit Finland currently attracts over half a million visitors to its website every month. This goes to show that … Continue reading On Visiting Finland and the Contemporary Finnish Art Scene


Reflections After Overshoot Day

The average Finnish person currently uses over three times more resources than what is sustainable in the long run. Our “overshoot day” has already passed for this year, just last week. In general, I attempt to make better choices in everyday life, but I think being an average Finn, my overall lifestyle is very likely … Continue reading Reflections After Overshoot Day

About Urban Planning and Ikigai

Today, I attended an intriguing lecture by the architect Hella Hernberg, the author of the book “Helsinki Beyond Dreams – Actions Towards a Creative and Sustainable Hometown”. This book came out in 2012, as Helsinki was a World Design Capital. Hernberg is one of the key professionals behind initiatives that transformed the former cargo port of … Continue reading About Urban Planning and Ikigai

On Tourism and Heterotopias

The Berlin Wall, now a tourist landmark, is a prime example of heterotopian architecture. As bit over a fourth of a century has passed since dismantling the Wall, significant parts of it still remain in place in the form of the wonderful Mauerpark, the restored East Side Gallery and several other sites in Berlin – and the … Continue reading On Tourism and Heterotopias

This Week in Los Angeles

The Museums and the Web conference organized in the United States is now turning 20 years old. This year, the conference takes place in Los Angeles. Originally established by David Bearman and Jennifer Trant, this four-day event has become one of the museum industry’s most valuable gatherings. According to the Washington Post, there are roughly … Continue reading This Week in Los Angeles

Urban Explorations

What to do with abandoned, liminal spaces in cities? Should the city’s inhabitants be let to make use of them? And how to design a space where everyone feels welcome? These are some of the questions that I have been facing lately in conjunction with my university studies. … I have always been interested in … Continue reading Urban Explorations

About Travel and the Notions of Place

"Place is security, space is freedom”, states Yi-Fu Tuan, the author of “Space and Place – The Perspective of Experience”. He goes on to explain that “what begins as undifferentiated space becomes place as we get to know it better”, and that places are, essentially, “centers of value”. According to Tuan, places “attract or repel … Continue reading About Travel and the Notions of Place