Hi, I’m Iiris Konttinen, a versatile digital strategy, digital service design and UX/UI professional based in Helsinki, Finland, and the Founder and CEO of Steps Helsinki, a Nordic digital service design and digital marketing startup and consulting agency.

I’m passionate about what I do for living, and I love to work with complex issues and problem solving. Digital strategy implementation and digital customer experience design, as well as planning for various strategic efforts are among my favourite tasks when it comes to my current position. I have a solid background in digital design, UX/UI design and graphic design, marketing communications and service design as well as project management. I hold a BA degree in Digital Design (Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences, 2008), as well as a BA degree in Humanities (University of Helsinki, 2014).

In this blog, “Life Of A Planner”, I write about my work and other related topics.

In my previous role, before setting out to found my own agency and business, I was a a Facilitator / Designer for Digital Strategy and a Project Manager / Designer for the Digital Media Channels at the Finnish National Gallery for a period of 2,5 years.

The FNG websites currently serve around 2.000.000 unique visitors around the world annually, and the FNG’s social media channels now have over 250.000 followers. The projects I have been involved in and my other tasks in the FNG, during the years 2014-2016 are described in more detail below.

  • I have been a member of the Digital Services Steering Group of the FNG.
  • I have been deeply involved in planning the future digital media roadmap of the FNG, with many of the projects we co-designed while I was working with the FNG team now being executed within the digital landscape of the organization.
  • Digital project management has been one of my main responsibilities in the FNG, with  facilitating the digital strategy process on organizational level as my major task during my stay there.
  • I have facilitated a series of workshops on the digital presence and the overall digital strategy in the FNG.
  • I have taken care of digital and social media analyst and expert tasks in the FNG.
  • And I have taken care of many other additional internal and external communications tasks in the FNG, under the supervision of the Head of Communications in the FNG and the Head of Collections Management in the FNG.

For any further details on my previous positions in the FNG, kindly directly contact Ms. Vivikka Richt or Ms. Riitta Ojanperä, or alternatively, Ms.  Hanna-Leena Paloposki or Ms. Gill Crabbe specifically for the FNG Research Project.

The most feasible way to contact me is via LinkedIn — or by sending a brief message with your contact information and your case described my way.


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