About the Game of Content Creation

The average attention span of a person online is around 8 seconds. This calls for bite-sized, innovative, relevant and valuable content in any online service. Content is still king, since it is what inbound marketing is all about. So what does it take to succeed, when ”the king” is involved?

With content marketing having become an onbnoxious buzzword and with the amount of content online being massive and ever-growing, there is a sense of fatigue involved. However, compelling content remains exactly what is driving more and more people from the audience online into the sales funnel and some of these customers eventually towards being brand advocates.

Having a proper content strategy is paramount, but I think it matters even more who and how many the people in your organization involved in content marketing are.

In an ideal situation, there would be various different personas around.

First of all, you need several crafters of content – these are the people who will draft the relevant content. These people would have to be capable of authoring and co-creating interesting content, and preferably creative. The content crafting team may also consist of people working with many other tasks in the organization. If this is the status quo, the team needs to devote weekly meetings and daily working time for content creation.

So you got your team of innovative content creators together? That’s great.

Content drafted by the team may still need some tweaking, so having a content editor or two helps in keeping the message consistent.

Before publishing, you would also have to hire a designer to make sure that all the content being created and taken online is visually consistent as well as possibly a developer to oversee technical functions. These tasks can of course be outsourced, but should never be overlooked.

Moreover, you would also have to employ a person to put together a promotion plan for the great content that the content creation team has produced. And on top of that, you would also need an analyst to follow the key metrics of success and to drive search engine optimization.

The conclusion is that successful content marketing always calls for the input of a team of several people from various backgrounds, even if these employees were to be multitasking talents.

Once the content management team has been established, and the target audience defined, it should be no problem to create and publish enticing content as well as follow up on the results and return of investment.

Without a court ”the king” may not rule.

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