Crowdfunding for Success

The fabulous new HAM, Helsinki Art Museum, is hosting an opening party today. The HAM, now directed by Maija Tanninen-Mattila, re-opens with Chinese contemporary art superstar Ai Weiwei’s exhibition. Getting ready for the opening party, I decided to write in this blog about a recent Kickstarter project by London’s Royal Academy.

The project was an outstanding success. In only one month, the RA raised an amount of well over 120,000 pounds in order to bring Ai Weiwei’s sculptures to its public courtyard.

This amount was donated by well over 1300 backers. According to Creative Review, this amount is the largest ever amount raised on Kickstarter in Europe for an art project. The free outdoor installation, part of the Weiwei’s series Trees, will be on display simultaneously with an exhibition of artist’s work in the RA’s main galleries. The show features many other pieces you can walk around, structures you can peer into, and works in materials such as porcelain, marble and jade.

Available rewards can be seen in the Kickstarter site of the project. They ranged from getting a virtual wink from Ai Weiwei’s cat (for 5 pounds), to getting an exclusive preview tour of the exhibition by its RA curator (for 250 pounds) to joining Ai Weiwei at the opening night party (2000 pounds).

What’s next for museums – will there be more massive crowdfunded art projects like this in the future?

Check out the new HAM website:

Read more about RA’s Kickstarter project: